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BeLonG To Youth Project

Parliament House, 13 Parliament Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
Tel: 01-6706223

BeLonG To Youth Services was set up in Dublin in 2003 and is now a national service operating in 9 locations around Ireland.  Our vision is “for an Ireland where Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) young people are empowered to embrace their development and growth confidently and to participate as agents of positive social change.”  BeLonG To provides direct youth work, and national policy, service development, advocacy, training and research. 

In Dublin, BeLonG To’s direct services are offered to LGBT young people aged 14 – 23 years.  BeLonG To’s youth workers and drugs outreach worker offer one-to-one support to young people and their families. BeLonG To’s Youth Work Team facilitates six groups;

BeLonG To Drugs Service

This service exists to address concerns people may have about drug/alcohol use and offers people the opportunity to access support in dedicated LGBT youth space. It is free of cost and confidential. The Drugs Service can be contacted or 01-6706223 or

Crinan Youth Project

72 Sean McDermott St., 
Dublin 1. 
Tel: 01-8558792 
Fax: 01-8552320 

Crinan Youth Project provides a range of quality treatment interventions in a safe and supportive environment, to empower young people to end their dependence on drugs and alcohol. 
The Crinan Youth Project is a community based drug treatment facility that offers a quality service to young people and their families. 

The Programmes 
Assessment – This is the first phase of accessing the programmes, where we assess the needs of the young person to establish if they are suitable for one of our programmes and if so which programme would best suit their needs.

Pre-Entry Group – This group is for young people who are experiencing problematic drug use, and need support to reduce their use.

Full-time Programme – This programme is to support young people who are stable in their drug use to work towards becoming drug-free.

Progression Programme – This programme is to support young people who are on a training/education programme (including school).

Aftercare – This programme is to support young people who have completed drug treatment and have moved on to employment/education/training.

Family Support Programme – This programme is designed to support family members of the young people who are experiencing drug problems.

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