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HIV Ireland

Address: 70 Eccles Street, Dublin 7
Telephone: 01-8733799
Fax: 01-8733174

HIV Ireland, formerly Dublin AIDS Alliance (DAA) is a voluntary organisation working to improve conditions for people living with HIV and AIDS, their families and caregivers, while actively promoting HIV and sexual health awareness in the general population.

Prevention and education programmes funded by the North Inner City Drugs Task Force include:

HIV, Sexual Health & Drug Awareness Training Programme
This is a multi-disciplinary ‘train the trainers’ course which aims to provide youth and community leaders/workers with the skills necessary to engage young people in their care in sexual health and drug awareness education.  This is an eight-day training programme (1 day per week for 8 weeks) and is FETAC Level 5 accredited.

HIV and Health Project – Safer Sex Negotiation Skills Training Programme
This training initiative primarily aims, through capacity building measures, to raise awareness of HIV and sexual health among vulnerable and at-risk groups located in the NICDTF area, to enable safer sex negotiation within these groups and modify and/or facilitate behaviour change, reducing primary and secondary HIV and STI transmission.

The ‘train the trainers’ programme, which is FETAC Level 5 accredited, aims to train youth and community leaders/workers, develop and enhance their skills, and provide them with relevant information and resources to deliver sexual health and negotiation skills training to the client group in their care.  This is a seven-day training programme (1 day per week for 7 weeks).

One-day Sexual Health Workshop
A one-day workshop on sexual health is also available for youth and community workers who are unable to commit to the training for trainers programmes.

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