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This page provides information about Covid-19 relevant to addiction
and social inclusion services in north inner city Dublin.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) North Inner City local services and supports

Local drugs services and supports continue to be provided by NICDATF services, although due to the Coronavirus the way they are working has changed to remote working where possible.

For support and enquiries please contact NICDATF on 085 7723317 or

Useful information for services returning to the workplace

Resources and Information

Roadmap for Reopening Society and Business sets out how and when the COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted.

Return to Work Safety Protocol is designed to support employers and workers to put measures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 once work places start to open up. This is a collaborative effort by the Health and Safety Authority (HSA), the Health Services Executive (HSE) and the Department of Health and the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation.

Supports for Businesses  is a booklet aimed at businesses impacted by COVID-19 which contains practical advice and information about resources that may be useful to services.

IBEC Return to Work Checklist  is a comprehensive checklist which can be used alongside the Return to Work Safety Protocol.

The Wheel Covid-19 HelpDesk Service has some very good resources for the non-profit sector, including templates and checklists. Some resources are for members of The Wheel, and some are freely available.

COVID-19 An Employers Guide from Enterprise Ireland and the Government of Ireland provides clear and helpful information for Employers about obligations, preventative measures and staff health and safety.

HSE Health and Safety Resources

HSE Approach To Return to Work Safely Protocol explains how the HSE is going to approach the planning, implementation of the Return to Work Safely Protocol and the control measures it is putting in place.

There have been a number of webinars and presentations organised by HSE DNCC Addiction Services and the HSE National Social Inclusion Office which contain useful information and guidance for services planning to reopen:

Health and Safety: Returning to Work after COVID-19, May 20, 2020

COVID-19 Service Resumption Presentation 12 May 20 – SI DNCC

HSELand COVID-19 Training

HSELanD contains over 170 eLearning programmes, resources, assessment and planning tools to support you in your current job role and with your personal and professional development. 

You will need to register initially and then you will have access to the following COVID-19 related training and much more:

PPE Use and Infection Prevention and Control

HPSC Video Resources including videos of how to use Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and other resources for Infection Prevention and Control in various clinical and non-clinical settings.

Donning and Doffing Ear Loop Mask Video

HSPC PPE Guidance and Posters for safe use and donning and doffing of PPE.

CPR – Lay rescuers Guidance with regard to COVID-19

COVID-19 Information Videos in many languages

Covid 19 World Service is a joint initiative of Nasc and Together Ireland, providing up-to-date and accurate public health information to migrants living in Ireland. 

Videos are available in Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, English, Hindi, Kurdish, Macedonian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Urdu and Yoruba. 

The videos include: General advice on how to prevent the contraction and spread of the virus.

Information on self-isolation, what to do if you test positive for Covid 19 or are a contact of someone who has.

Click here to watch the videos.

European Survey on Drinking Behaviour During COVID-19

This study is a collaboration of epidemiological scientists from 11 research institutes across Europe, and is being led in Ireland by Alcohol Action Ireland. Alcohol Action Ireland are interested in capturing as wide a range of views as possible and would greatly appreciate the participation of the Irish public through this survey.

The survey only takes 10 minutes to complete.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Latest information and updates

The Health Prevention Surveillance Centre (HPSC) is updated daily, and is a reliable source of Covid-19 information for both services and the general public including:

General Covid-19 Information: health advice on symptoms and treatment, and information about restrictions on movement, self-isolation and cocooning.

Translated Covid-19 resources: booklets and posters in over 20 languages

Daily Updates: on how the health service is responding to the Covid-19 crisis.

Health advice from the Department of Health

Posters for public use in various languages

Daily Briefings from the Government on Covid-19 responses

Advice for people who use drugs during the COVID-19 pandemic

 Covid-19 Advice for People Who Use Drugs

This document that has been put together by the International and European Networks of People who use Drugs (INPUD & EuroNPUD) and has UISCE’s contact details for Advocacy and Support and the HSE’s website details for factual information regarding COVID19. Please download and distribute to peers.

For advocacy and support with treatment issues please contact UISCE – National Advocacy Service for People who use Drugs: 01 555 4693


For factual information about COVID19 visit

How to Respond to an Opioid Overdose during the COVID-19 pandemic

How to Respond to an Opioid Overdose during Covid-19

UISCE’s Step by Step Overdose Response during COVID19 infographic has been updated in line with advice on Covid-19.  

During the outbreak, overdose responders are asked to change their practice. It is recommended that no rescue breaths are provided during this time unless you have access to a Bag Valve Mask (BVM) with the appropriate viral filter and training in using this. 

Download and print this resource and share it with staff members and the community of people who use drugs. 


You can find more information about OD response and access to Naloxone on UISCE website: or contact UISCE on or call 015554693.


Covid-19 Guidance and Advice from the HSE

Guidance highlighted by the HSE for various vulnerable groups.

01/04/2020: New Guidance for prescribers and pharmacists on legislation changes to facilitate the safe supply of medicines during the COVID-19 pandemic is available here

Other documents available on the HSE Social Inclusion Addiction pages include:

Covid-19: HIV and Sexual Health

02/04/2020 Guidance and links to resources from HIV Ireland

Covid-19 and HIV: There is currently no evidence that people living with HIV are at increased risk of acquiring COVID-19 due to their HIV status. HIV Ireland has compiled some information about HIV and COVID-19 for people living with HIV, including advice about taking care of your sexual health, accessing HIV services and where to get support during the COVID-19 outbreak.

COVID-19 and Sexual Health: Information for gay, bisexual and men who have sex with men: The HIV Ireland MPOWER Programme team has compiled some advice and tips about looking after your sexual health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 outbreak, with advice about hooking-up, PEP & PrEP, STIs and drug and alcohol use.

Dublin City Council Covid-19 Community Response Forum

01/04/2020 A new helpline has been set up to support vulnerable members of the community who need help during the Covid-19 emergency. Individuals and services can contact the Dublin City Council helpline, who will work with partner agencies to provide appropriate supports.

Covid-19 Community Response Forum: Information for services

The Framework for Local Authority Community Support Response has been prepared by the local government sector working with the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government; the Department of Rural and Community Development; the Department of Health; and, the Department of The Taoiseach.

Local Authorities and a range of statutory, voluntary and community organisations are involved in this initiative. 

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