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North Inner City Drugs and Alcohol Task Force was established in 1997 as a result of the local initiative of the Inter Agency Drug Project to develop community responses to the drugs problem in the local area.

NICDATF comprises of 20 representatives from the community, voluntary and statutory sectors, who meet monthly to discuss matters relevant to drug use in the community.

NICDATF seeks to work in an integrated and cross-cutting way to benefit the communities affected by the complex problems of drug use and related behaviour affecting individuals and families.

NICDATF is 1 of 14 Local Drugs and Alcohol Task Forces operating mainly in areas across Dublin and Cork which are recognised as most affected by problem drug use and which generally experience the highest levels of urban disadvantage and deprivation.

Our Aim

To integrate education, treatment, rehabilitation and justice policies through local initiatives that are inclusive of the community, including drug users and their families.

Our Objectives

  • To gather information and provide assessment and analysis
  • To resource identified gapsĀ in services
  • To provide support for local project development
  • To respond to new and changing needs. Responding to Alcohol related problems has also been included in the overall remit.
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