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North Inner City
Drugs and Alcohol Task Force

The North Inner City Drugs and Alcohol Task Force seeks to work in an integrated and cross-cutting way to benefit the communities, individuals and families affected by the complex problems of drug use and related behaviour.

Latest News

Mortality Amongst The Homeless Population in Dublin

Given local and professional concerns around a number of recent deaths of individuals associated with services in Dublin City, NICDATF are highlighting a relevant study undertaken of recorded deaths in Dublin amongst the homeless population.

Mortality Amongt Homeless 2018

National Service User Experience Survey


Do you use HSE or NICDATF Addiction Services? 

If so, the HSE would like to hear from you to better understand your experience of using HSE Addiction Services during COVID-19 and how best to improve and plan for health services in the future.

Local services

Find information about  local drugs and alcohol services and supports in Dublin 1 and parts of Dublin 3 and 7.

The Gateway Project, 42 Manor St, Dublin 7

COVID-19 Resources for services

Guidance for Addiction and Social Inclusion Services, including information about infection prevention and returning to the work place.

Alcohol Resources

Information and advice and support to reduce harm from drinking, including in relation to COVID-19.



Read more about how NICDATF was established, what we do, our aims and objectives. 


See our Local Services page to find out more information about the types of local services you can avail of in Dublin’s north inner city. 


See research conducted, publications published, projects developed and services provided by the NICDATF.


See information in relation to news and events that our happening in the local community.


For more information in relation to the services we provide or if you are seeking assistance with a related subject, please do contact us.

Frequently asked questions

North Inner City Drugs and Alcohol Task Force is open from 9am until 5 pm Monday to Friday. Our office is closed to the public at the moment, but we are available. Please call 085 7723317 or email

Yes all the same drugs and alcohol projects are still working, and are keeping in contact with clients and taking on referrals. You will find more details about how to make contact here.

Deora Counselling is a specialised counselling and crisis intervention service working with bereavement, addiction and suicide. Their contact number is 01 8364524.

The Snug Counselling provides addiction support, information and counselling and can be contacted on 087 2735358 or

The National Drugs Strategy: Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery sets out the Government’s strategy to address the harm caused by substance misuse in our society up to 2025. It identifies a set of key actions to be delivered between 2017 and 2020, and provides an opportunity for the development of further actions from 2021 to 2025 to address needs that may emerge later on in the lifetime of the strategy.

You can find the document here:

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